Calculator Energy Consumption of Electric Cars

Compare driven distance and consumed energy for different values and specifications. From one value, the others can be calculated. Most common in Europe is the specification kilowatt-hours per 100 kilometers (kWh/100km).
Energy per distance can be converted in distance per energy and vice versa. If one value is entered there and one value is entered in one of the two bottom lines, the other value of that line will be calculated. You can also enter two values in one of the two bottom lines, to calculate energy per distance and distance per energy. The units can be chosen at will.

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Distance per energy: /

Energy per :

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Wh = watt-hour, kWh = kilowatt-hour
km = kilometer, mi = mile

Example: the Sion has a 35 kWh sized battery. According to WLTP standard, it will have a range of 250 km. This equates to an energy consumption of 14 kWh/100km. So, per kWh it can drive 7.14 km. With 15 kWh it will drive a bit more than 107 km.

Last change February 20. 2019

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