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12/02/2019 The Sion is now planned to be released in the end of 2021. Sono wants to crowdfund another 50 million €: Sono Motors
If you already ordered a Sion, you can arbitrarily increase the down payment.

09/09/2019 Live stream presentation of the ID.3 at the IAA at 19:45 CEST: →Volkswagen live

09/07/2019 Sono offers a referral program. If you have already preordered a Sion, for each referral you will get yours 1% cheaper. →preorder a Sion and make mine 1% cheaper.
[Quelle: Sono referral program]

08/29/2019 Sono publishes a first look at the →interior of the Sion.
[Source: Sono Motors]

07/12/2019 New Sion facts from the →Sono House Opening

05/25/2019 First photos of the VW ID.3 without camouflage have been made: VW ID.3 at emobly [German page]

05/24/2019 Seen somewhere in southern Germany. Translation: "Parking only on marked spaces. Electric vehicles for free."

Parken nur auf gekennzeichneten Flächen. Elektrofahrzeuge frei.

05/09/2019 More than 10,000 of altogether 30,000 VW ID.3 1ST were already assigned in the first 24 hours. One of them to us :)
[Source: Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung]

05/08/2019 Experience review: →VW ID.3 1ST reservation

05/08/2019 VW ID.3 1ST quick facts: 58 kWh battery, exclusive equipment, price from below 40.000 €. 1 year free charging for up to 2000 kWh. →Update VW ID.
[Source: press conference VW]

05/08/2019 11:00 a.m. UTC (1:00 p.m. local time Berlin) press conference for the pre-booking of the VW ID.3 launch edition.

05/08/2019 Sono Motors reports 10,000 reservations for the Sion.
[Source: Sono Motors]

05/04/2019 Impression from the Mobility Day in Kempten. →Many electric vehicles

05/01/2019 reportedly the top-model of the VW ID.3, which will be registrable from May 8., will cost about 36,000 €. →Update VW ID.3
[Source in German: Edison.Handelsblatt]

04/17/2019 The Sion will be build beginning mid 2020 by the Swedish contract manufacturer NEVS. →Update Sion
[Sources: official Video by Sono Motors, Sono Motors Website]

04/12/2019 VW publishes a register page [in German] for the ID.3: →ID. register soon

03/17/2019 Sono Motors offers a 3D printer model of the Sion. →Sion 3D model

03/13/2019 From May 8., an ID. launch edition can be can pre-booked. →Update VW ID.
[Source: Press report by VW]

03/04/2019 Final design of the Sono Sion released →Sono Sion Design
[Source: Press report by Sono Motors]

02/28/2019 The Sion will have a separable 2+1 stowable rear bench. →Sion facts
[Source in German: Tweet by Laurin Hahn]

02/23/2019 VW ID.3: at first only the top-model for 30,000 €, 550 km range, delivery begin March 2020. →Update VW ID.3
[Source in German: Edison.Handelsblatt]

02/19/2019 Estimation for the electrification cost of a garage. →Estimation garage electrification

12/29/2018 Sitting in a Tesla Model S and 3. →Tesla impressions

06/16/2018 Test drive with a prototype of the Sion. →Sion test drive

05/08/2018 Had a ride in a Nissan Leaf in Lisbon via Uber. →Nissan Leaf impressions

12/02/2017 The Sono Sion with the number #2609 is reserved. →Sion reserved

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