Sono Sion - Data and Facts

The development of the Sion was discontinued at the end of February 2023.

Informations about the Sion by Sono Motors, an electric car with integrated solar cells.
The Sion is now in the stage of development. The production for the SEV (solar-electric vehicle) is planned to start in 2024. It will be build by a contract manufacturer in Sweden.
It will be a compact car with a spacious interior and a water-cooled 54 kilowatt-hours battery, which allows a real 305 kilometers (190 miles) range on average. It can be loaded at a plug socket and at fast-charging stations (with up to 75 kW) and it can load other electric devices (with up to 11 kW). The engine is planned to have a power of 120 kW, the car should be front driven and have optionally a tow hitch. The solar cells should produce enough electricity for up to 34 kilometers (19 miles) a day, at good conditions in a Central European summer. The aimed price is about 30,000 €.
A further special feature is that the Sion won't be painted on the outside. It will have an outer layer of polycarbonate (you know that material from CDs), in which the solar cells are inserted. Also a novel is the air filter system with visible moss, which even looks good. The workshop handbook will be available for everyone and the Sion should be as easy to repair as possible. Together with the car will come a sharing app for renting the car or offering rides.
The stowable rear bench with three seats will be separable 2+1. Further features will be cruise control and air-condition.

It is planned to produce the Sion climate neutral through CO2 offsetting.

Sono Sion final design
The final design of the Sion, published on March 4. 2019. Photo © Sono Motors GmbH.
The finished car is slightly bigger than the prototype, has solar cells with a matching color and a further side rear window. Every Sion will be black.

Sono Sion interior
The interior of the Sion. Photo © Sono Motors GmbH.

Prototype Sono Sion
A prototype of the Sion in June 2018.

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