Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving or self-driving car means that the car drives completely or partly on its own. It is a technology about to develop, with the potential to lower the accident numbers by up to eighty percent. Self driving cars appear on the market roughly at the same time than electric cars, so both technologies will often be used in new cars to come. Self-driving cars are divided into six levels:

  • Level 0: No Automation Driver has to do everything, car can have warning systems, like a park distance control system.
  • Level 1: Driver Assistance Steering assistance systems which help to keep in track, adaptive cruise control, which adapts the speed to the traffic flow. Driver has to be attentive all the time.
  • Level 2: Partial Automation The car steers, accelerates and brakes on its own under certain circumstances, like on the highway, in a traffic jam, or when parking. An overtaking assistant may be available. The driver can take the hands off the steering wheel for a short time, but must always be attentive.
  • Level 3: Conditional Automation The car drives on its own, but in a case of doubt gives the control back to the driver. Therefore it gives a signal. So the driver can be distracted while driving, but always has to be prepared to take back control.
  • Level 4: High Automation The car completely drives on its own. Humans still have the possibility to intervene, but they don't need to.
  • Level 5: Full Automation The car completely drives on its own. Humans don't have the possibility to intervene, they are only passengers.

In level 0 to 2, the driver has most of the control. In level 3 to 5, the car has most of the control. At the moment, cars with level 2 are available on the market. Some cars have the ability to level up by software updates. Level 4 is expected for the year 2025.

Last change March 10. 2020

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