Volkswagen ID.3 First Ordering and Delivery

11/10/2020 got the car today without further problems. Drove off after short instructions. The ID.3 is very intuitive to drive.

Volkswagen ID.3
My ID.3 in makena-turquoise.

11/06/2020 VW sent me a bill with the due date 10/19/2020, because they assume, I already have the car since that date. Which I don't.

11/02/2020 Now the car was delivered to my dealer, but the papers needed for registration are not ready yet. Those should come within the next 2 weeks. There is no reason given for this further delay.

10/12/2020 Ordering and delivery experience of the ID.3 First is frustrating. The car should have come in summer. There is still no date for the delivery, the dealer does not receive any information from VW and I cannot reach anyone there who can tell me anything specific. The only thing I've got so far is the vehicle identification number.

07/24/2020 Got an official letter with the order confirmation for the VW ID.3.

06/22/2020 After a chaotic back and forth, I today bindingly ordered a turquois ID.3 Plus. VW claims to have informed the reservers of the First in August 2019 via email, but I never got the information. So I now had to take what was left.
For all of the three versions, the only real color is turquois, the other "colors" are white, grey and black. I personally don't like cars in white, grey or black and in turquois, obviously not enough were preproduced. So I'm stuck with the Plus, the middle and originally the least preferred version by me of the ID.3.
Due to the software, which won't be complete at delivery, there will be discounts. Leasing costumers will get the first three leasing rates free, I as a cash buyer will get a set of winter tires for free.
The delivery to my local car dealer will cost 595 € on top. Picking it up in Zwickau or Wolfsburg - both far away from me - would cost 550 €, so I will get it at my dealer.

03/02/2020 9 month after ordering, the first I hear from VW since then, is an invitation to the car dealer from which I will get the ID.3. There I had the chance to explore the car from outside and inside. The impression of the manufacturing is good, surprisingly large is the space in the back seats. The view in the rear view mirror through the very small rear window is something you have to get used to. The duroplast in the dashboard, something many complained about, seemed to me robust and fitting. Unfortunately, electricity was switched off, so I couldn't try the control elements.
On my personal questions, I got these answers:

The wallbox by Elli can be installed without changing the power supplier.

The tires of the 1st Edition unfortunately can't be ordered differently. I think, the 20 inch tires for the highest version of the 1st Edition are ridiculous and I would have preferred smaller tires, which are cheaper, more economic and safer. But the winter tires can be choosen smaller.

Volkswagen ID.3 1st Edition at the car dealer
A Volkswagen ID.3 1st Edition at the car dealer, 18 inch tires.

05/08/2019 starting at 13:20, we tried for one hour to make a reservation for the start model of the ID.3, the ID.3 1ST. Unfortunately, the servers seemed to be heavily overloaded and presented a colourful mix of error messages, like 502, 504, Internal Error and "sorry, something went wrong". During the reservation process, an account at Volkswagen Pay was opened and confirmed. We gave a debit authorization for 1000 €, after which the process was aborted by the server. A reservation didn't happen. We emailed a request about that to VW, where probably the department in charge also was suffering from overload.
Made the reservation again at 17:00. This time it was confirmed, the servers were still slow, but didn't show errors any more. Also an email came, saying the reservation is done. A second debit authorization was given. The money from the first failed booking can be transferred back as soon as Volkswagen Pay receives it. This was done on May 15th.

Last change November 15. 2020

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