How to change the car key battery on Volkswagen ID.3.

10/12/2023: I received two car keys for the ID.3. After a year and a half, the battery of the first key died and out of laziness I switched to the second key. When its battery was also empty after another year and a half, I finally had to change a battery. By the way, the car draws attention to the empty battery with an unpleasant beep and a corresponding display. The change is a bit cumbersome and difficult for those with gross motor skills. This could have been made easier by VW!

You need:
- a button cell CR20232
- a precision mechanical screwdriver, as narrow as possible

- Remove the emergency key by pressing the button on the side (picture 1)
- Insert it diagonally into the key box and pry open the back cover. A small, U-shaped metal hook inside can easily come loose and pick away. So be careful here that it doesn't get lost (picture 2, the hook has come loose here and is hanging diagonally above the key)
- Lever out the battery with the fine screwdriver and replace it with a new one (picture 3)
- If necessary, reinsert the loosened metal hook and close the lid again (picture 4, it has to look exactly like this so that the small hook fulfills its role and locks the emergency key in the box)

Remove the emergency key

Open the back cover

Lever out the battery

Locked metal hook

Volkswagen ID.3 Tips and Tricks

Last change October 13. 2023

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