VW ID.3 - Charging at the Plug Socket

I charge my ID.3 at home with the Juice Booster 2. This has a protection against overheating and switches itself off, if the socket gets too hot and switches on, if it cooled down again. So the security increases, especially when using older plug sockets.

If at charging, at the display of the ID.3 Reduced charge current is activated, then the car charges up to 80% with about 2.5 kW (German electricity). If the charge current is not reduced, the charging speed at my home seems to be slightly lower.

Unfortunately, the ID.3 shows the charge level and speed not in kWh, but in percent and kilometers. At the 62 kWh battery my car has, 10 percent relate to 6.2 kWh and need about 2.5 hours.

Charging the Volkswagen ID.3

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Volkswagen ID.3 Tips and Tricks

Last change November 16. 2020

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