Emergency Release Charging Cable VW ID.3

Some ID.3 seem to have a bug, where the charging cable doesn't unlock and can't be removed at the end of the charging or when charging is stopped. The button to stop charging isn't available any more at the display. When this happens, first try to press the open button of the key three times and then to release the cable. If this doesn't work, you can use the emergency release.

Press 3 times open at the car key.

Manual emergency release:

Emergency release flap
Flap to the emergency release at the ID.3 First.

Emergency release
The emergency release.

Inside the trunk at the right corner is a small flap, which at the first time has to be opened with some pressure. Behind that flap, the emergency release can be found, a small, green loop which can be pulled to unlock the charging cable.

Volkswagen ID.3 Tips and Tricks

Last change November 04. 2021

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