Volkswagen decided to go very big into electromobility. For this purpose, they developed the platform MEB, Modularer Elektrifizierungsbaukasten (modular electrifying construction kit). This is a construction kit for electric vehicles, which shall be the future base for many different models, among them several models of the ID.-family.

VW ID. - Data and Facts

ID.3 1ST

Of the start edition ID.3 1ST, 30,000 cars will be produced. The prices are 39995 € for the ID.3 First, 45995 € for the ID.3 Plus and 49995 € for the ID.3 Max. The car will have a 58 kWh battery, which equates up to 420 km range. For one year, free charging for up to 2000 kWh (value about 600 €) on special charging stations will be included. There will be four different colors.
For a reservation, 1000 € had to be transferred. The reservation can be cancelled. If it isn't cancelled, but turned into an order, then the delivery will be done by a local VW dealer. The start of production was in November 2019. Delivery will start in week 37, September 2020.

The VW ID.3 with camouflage foil, published on May 8th 2019. Photo © Volkswagen.


The first model of the ID.-family, named ID.3, shall be Golf-sized on the outside, but have an inside space like the Passat. The production version will have three different battery sizes available, 45, 58 and 77 kWh for up to 330, 420 and 550 km range. Fast charging should be possible with up to 120 kW. The cheapest version should cost below 30,000 € and also be available in 2020. The presentation of the production vehicle was at the IAA in September 2019. It is planned to produce the car CO2 neutral from the start.

Volkswagen ID.

A bit later, the ID. Crozz an SUV-coupé will be available, some years later the Buzz, a VW Bus and the Vizzion, a limousine. Maybe there will be more models named ID.1 to ID.9, the higher the number, the larger the car.
Every ID.-model is expected to have the preconditions for autonomous driving, whereas fully autonomous driving is planned for the year 2025. Online features will be on an inital level at first and will later be expanded by updates from time to time. All models should offer the choice between rear-wheel drive and all wheel drive.

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