Volkswagen has lost a lot of trust through its fraudulent actions with Diesel cars. Our personal experiences with VW are also ambivalent. The car driven so far, a VW Up!, is specified to comsume about 4 liters of petrol on 100 kilometers on average. The practical value in our use is 5 liters. That is 25% more! On the other hand, it is a reliable vehicle, which in seven years and 35,000 kilometers never made any problems. So our decision to acquire an electric car by Volkswagen wasn't made easy. The crucial points were the immense efforts in climate neutral electromobility VW makes and a convincing concept for its implementation. Also, their getting into the green electricity market with Elli and their participation in the development of the charging infrastructure tells a story of a rethinking within the company. And if a big company switches from bad to good, they are welcome.

Volkswagen ID. personal experiences

05/08/2019 starting at 13:20, we tried for one hour to make a reservation for the start model of the ID.3, the ID.3 1ST. Unfortunately, the servers seemed to be heavily overloaded and presented a colourful mix of error messages, like 502, 504, Internal Error and "sorry, something went wrong". During the reservation process, an account at Volkswagen Pay was opened and confirmed. We gave a debit authorization for 1000 €, after which the process was aborted by the server. A reservation didn't happen. We emailed a request about that to VW, where probably the department in charge also was suffering from overload.
Made the reservation again at 17:00. This time it was confirmed, the servers were still slow, but didn't show errors any more. Also an email came, saying the reservation is done. A second debit authorization was given. The money from the first failed booking can be transferred back as soon as Volkswagen Pay receives it. This was done on May 15th.

January 2019 As soon as this will be possible, we will purchase a VW ID., which probably will be the ID.3. We want to have the car with all wheel drive. The reason for this you can see here:

Snow on the roads
That is what it looks like here in winter sometimes. During the day. At night, snow clearing is done less frequently. Cars with rear-wheel drive quickly reach their limits on snow-covered slopes.


Last change May 15. 2019

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