Sono House Opening, 07/12/2019

At the induction of the new office rooms at Waldmeisterstr. 76 in Munich, Sono Motors held an informative meeting for about 300 visitors. Here, it was said that the production of the Sion at the moment is in time. Also, some new facts about the battery were disclosed.

Sono House Opening
At the Sono House Opening

Battery facts

• The 251 kg (553 lbs) heavy battery has a usable capacity of 35 kWh and is build prismatic (PHEV2). 192 Li-NMC 622 cells are used, these have a relatively small amount of cobalt.

• The battery can charge from the integrated photovoltaic while driving. Its energy density is 142 Wh/kg. It is water-cooled (half water, half glycol) and has a very far stretched charging range of -20 °C to +55 °C (-4 °F to +131 °F).

Last change July 13. 2019

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