The development of the Sion was discontinued at the end of February 2023.

Sono Sion Reviews

Personal reviews of our experiences with the Sion by Sonomotors.
There is no finished production car of the Sion yet. The reviews cover the order process and the test drive with a prototype.

In June 2018, both prototypes of the Sion came to our region and we made a test drive. What can be reported from five minutes on a short distance is a very pleasant driving experience and a dynamical performance. If you are used to cars with gear shift, you have to take care to hold your left foot still (as it is with automatic cars). Acceleration and driving behavior in curves were very satisfying. The interior looked very much like a prototype, very plain with hardly any design. Of course this will change in the production vehicle. All in all a very positive first impression.

Sion test drive
The Sion prototype on a test drive.

Inside the Sion
Inside the Sion prototype by Sono. Right of the steering wheel is the air filter with the moss.
The glass roof with the inserted solar cells won't be in the production car, because the erratic incidence of light would disturb the driver. So the roof will be intransparent.

In December 2017, we reserved a Sono Sion and prepaid 500 €. Immediately after the money transfer, the email with the reservation confirmation arrived. Some time later, we got a small wooden model with our reservation number #2609. Since then, we receive informations by Sono Motors about important progressions concerning the Sion.

Wood modell Sion

Last change February 24. 2023

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