Listen to Music in the Volkswagen ID.3

Unfortunately, the entertainment system from Volkswagen in the ID.3 is not fully apparent at first glance. So here are tips on how to implement certain wishes.

Albums from the USB flash drive

Proceed as follows to play different albums on USB flash drive or MP3 player as albums:

1. Create a folder band - album name on the drive.

2. Copy the music files of an album (preferably as mp3) into this folder.

3. Repeat 1 and 2 with any other albums as long as you like or until the drive is full.

4. Connect the drive (possibly with an adapter) to the car.

5. Select Radio/Media in the ID.3 menu. Now the tracks of all albums are displayed and played in a strange order.

6. Therefore, use the arrow symbol at the top left to jump up in the menu.

7. In My Media, first select Music and then Albums and then play the album you want.

8. Unfortunately, this does not work for self-created compilations where you have moved your tracks to a separate folder. There is a Compilations menu item below Music, but I haven't figured out yet how to create such a compilation. m3u is not recognized.

Arrow symbol at the top left, Music (Musik in German).

Music → Albums (Alben in German)

Last change January 18. 2022

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