How to wash an electric car in the car wash, especially the VW ID.3.

The general rule: drive setting to N and don't switch off the car.

The safest, but unfortunately somewhat cumbersome method for the Volkswagen ID.3 in the car wash:
On the display Vehicle → Exterior → Brakes (2nd page) → Deactivate roll-away protection now.
Otherwise the parking brake may be activated. It worked twice with the Always ask when N is engaged setting, but not the third time. The car wash still dragged the car through without any noticeable damage, but that's definitely not a good thing.

It would be desirable for the future for the car to automatically recognize a car wash. Also to suppress the beeping of the distance warning.

Volkswagen ID.3 in the car wash
A VW ID.3 in the car wash.

Last change September 06. 2023

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